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OptionMetrics Launches the Next Generation of IvyDB Europe

December 9, 2008

New York, NY (Business Wire) – December 09, 2008

OptionMetrics, the leading provider of intelligent data that turns volatility into opportunity, today announced the release of the next generation of IvyDB Europe, its landmark historical options data product for the European market. The new version provides customers with enhanced accuracy and methodology of the product’s price data and volatility calculations. Users now have the ability to access more than six years of high-quality implied volatility and pricing data.

The new version of IvyDB Europe allows OptionMetrics customers to choose from two sets of implied volatility that each meet a distinct organizational need. Customers who use data for arbitrage strategy research can now use tick data as their primary options price source. Those customers using the data for accounting purposes are able to use settlement prices. Data sets provided in the updated IvyDB Europe are now cleaner and even more accurate, providing customers with the necessary transparency as the European option market becomes increasingly volatile.

“Options data volumes have grown exponentially with the explosion in contract volumes. As a result, accurate and timely data is necessary to thrive in this environment. Products like IvyDB Europe allow clients who are active in European listed index and equity options markets to navigate the marketplace with greater assurance of quality volatility and pricing data,” said David Easthope, senior analyst at Celent.

In addition to the availability of two options price sources, other key upgrades include:

• Discrete Dividend Projections – Projects a separate yield for each stream of dividends as opposed to using the last known dividend amount. • Underlying Reference Exchange – The underlying price is now taken from a certain exchange, leveraging the options contract specification. • Data Cleansing – Tick price filters have been improved, reducing bad bid/ask spreads.

“OptionMetrics anticipates market trends and reacts accordingly with products and upgrades that enable our customers to sustain growth and manage risk during periods of high volatility,” said David Hait, president and founder of OptionMetrics. “The next generation of IvyDB Europe provides our customers with the tools they need to perform optimally under current and future market conditions.”