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OptionMetrics to Boost Data Output

September 9, 2008

New York, NY – September 09, 2008

By Veronica Belitski, Wall Street Letter

OptionMetrics, a New York-based options analytics firm, is planning to boost its data offering by expanding into examining intra-day correlations and providing more sophisticated analysis. The firm offers one of the largest comprehensive historical options databases, which now allows traders, managers and analysts to pull up daily data to calculate implied volatility and study strategies. The database is licensed out to 200 investment banks, hedge funds and academics.

Intra-day data would allow traders and portfolio managers to delve deeper into daily trends and study how a position would perform at particular times of the day. “For example, you could calculate economic impact of dumping a lot of volume into the market over the weekend or overnight. Everyone is looking for any edge they can,” said David Hait, president and founder. He does not have a target date for a launch and will rely on demand to determine the best time. He is also considering putting out more sophisticated analysis such as portfolio correlation. Another possible next step is covering options in Asia, but with more than 200,000 standardized options, data storage and processing is a challenge.