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OptionMetrics is the financial industry’s premier provider of quality historical option price data, tools, and analytics. Currently, over 300 institutional subscribers and universities rely on our products as their main source of options pricing, implied volatility calculations, volatility surfaces, and analytics. We enable traders to construct, test, and execute options/derivatives investment strategies and accurately monitor their risk exposure, so that they can make more informed and, ultimately, more profitable investment decisions.

Daily Historical Option Price and Volatility Data

When making decisions in the Options Market, having high-quality data matters. At OptionMetrics, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to bringing you historical stock option volatility data you can count on. Our historical volatility calculations and daily option pricing data includes depth so you get the details which can make a difference to your decisions. Our data is complete and high-quality, giving you the tools you need for success.

At OptionMetrics, we understand that you don’t just need implied volatility data for options. You need dependability. The market moves fast, which is why our support team and exceptional customer service are always there to address all questions.

Implied Volatility Data for Options

OptionMetrics offers daily historical option price and volatility data with depth. We provide analytics such as volatility surfaces and greeks in addition to prices so you have what you need for predictive analysis, backtesting, equity research, portfolio analysis, research, index creation and more.

Start getting the real data you need. Take a look at our data products or fill out a qualification form.