2019 OptionMetrics Research Conference – Call for Papers

OptionMetrics is excited to announce our 8th Annual Research Conference (ORC2019), to be held on Monday, October 28, 2019 in New York City. We look forward to bringing together OptionMetrics clients and researchers from the buy-side, sell-side, and academia to present and discuss their research. We invite quantitative practitioners and academics in the volatility and alternative risk premia space whom … Read More »

The Evolution of Options: As OptionMetrics Turns 20

OptionMetrics celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. With data available for U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Canada, as well as global indices—OptionMetrics is a leading financial data company used by hundreds of institutions and thousands of professionals to shape risk and return. See the full timeline with options industry and OptionMetrics developments HERE.    Read More »

OptionMetrics Research Conference (ORC2016)

OptionMetrics Research Conference 2016, November 14, 2016 | New York, NY
OptionMetrics is excited to announce our 5th Annual Research Conference (ORC2016). As in years past, ORC2016 will bring together OptionMetrics users and researchers from both academia and industry to present and discuss their research. The focus of this conference is to share ideas, explore trends and developments in the field, and increase in-depth knowledge of the options markets…Read More »

OptionMetrics to Present at Global EQD 2016

OptionMetrics’ President and Founder, David Hait, will be kicking off the conference with a presentation titled “What Implied Volatility Tells Us About Future Asset Returns,” where he’ll share insights on how main findings from recent trends in academic papers can be applied from an operational perspective… Read More »